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Synthesis Review Of Related Literature Example

Synthesis and Literature Reviews – English 102: Reading

  • Synthesizing material for your literature review would look very much like the example above with the details and specifics of studies relevant to your topic included to make your points. It is also important that you note where study findings converge and diverge.

  • They must synthesize the current literature in order to say something meaningful about it. Doctors engage in synthesis when they read various lab reports and data. For example, a doctor may review blood work or labs, review basic vital signs such as temperature and blood pressure, and also listen to what the patient is saying about how he or she feels.

  • Definition Examples A synthesis matrix helps you record the main points of each source and document how sources relate to each other. After summarizing and evaluating your sources, arrange them in a matrix or use a citation manager to help you see how they relate to each other and apply to each of your themes or variables.

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